Festival de Córdoba 1983 | Proposal for the 3rd Edition
Paco Peña - 1983
We feel that the third year is hugely important for consolidating our ideas and to reach our objectives. For this reason, the program for 1983 is ambitious and shows a significant advancement over the previous years. It involves two different initiatives: the THIRD FLAMENCO ENCUENTRO and the FIRST CORDOBA INTERNATIONAL COURSE FOR CLASSICAL GUITAR.
(Before describing these intitiatives we wish to announce that both are intended to form part of another more ambitious project we are considering, and will outline briefly at the end of this document, under the title ‘FESTIVAL OF CORDOBA’. 
The seminars will be divided into two courses of two weeks. The first course will be led, as before, by Paco Peña, with the assistance of Fernando Carranza, and for the second course we have requested the services of a great maestro of flamenco guitar from the United States: MARIO ESCUDERO.
This artist enjoys a great reputation among aficionados the world over. He has made numerous sturio albums, among them an unforgettable recording with Sabicas, possibly the best recording ever made of two flamenco guitars. Mario Escudero is professor of guitar in the ‘American Institute of the Guitar’ of New York. His collaboration extends to the complementary events during which he will perform a concert. We are certain that  his participation will be very successful and cause an increase in the number of course enrollments.
The dance courses will continue to be led by our colleague Inmaculada Aguilar who, as with last year, will be responsible for organizing the structure of the classes. 
Among the complementary events taking place is the participation of the guitarist SABICAS, the greatest maestro of the modern school of flamenco guitar, with who we are in contact. Sabicas is a living guitar legend. For the last 40 years, he is an inspiration to all other guitarists who, without exception have learnt from him and admire his huge talent.
The participation of this artist is costly, but it constitutes the greatest prestige for any company dealing in flamenco guitar. We are truly proud of having secured his involvement.
Paco Peña lives in London, and from there organises his activities, which take place in a global musical context. This has allowed him to meet many artists of different musical backgrounds, as well as countless musical societies which organise all kinds of festivals and artistic events. All our initiatives therefore come with a support network for this ‘apprenticeship’ which we believe to be significant.
We are therefore keen to fill another void which exists in the world of guitar in it’s more international context: the classical guitar.
This year the Centro Flamenco is launching the first International Course for Classical Guitar in Cordoba, directed by JOHN WILLIAMS. We don’t believe that John Williams needs any introduction as he is undoubtedly the most revered guitarist in the world. We will simply say that his presence in our program guarantees absolute success in that which regards the classical guitar. We are enormously grateful to Mr Williams for his collaboration, which will autmatically place Cordoba on the map of guitar events of the world.
The classical guitar course will take place between the 20th and 30th July in the rooms of the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Córdoba, generously offered by it’s directors to the Centro Flamenco.
We have no doubt that our 1983 program has everything in place to achieve the greatest success, which was always our aim; we think that the third year is vital to consolidate and establish our company, and from this, and if our projection of success is realized, we will have paved the way to reaching our goals. 
In December of 1981 Paco Peña acquired the house at No. 15 Plaza del Potro, as well as a plot adjoining the property, with a view to building an extension on said plot and converting the entire plot into a definitive central office for the Centro. 
This work has not been carried out as the cost is, for now, beyond our means, although we hope to carry it out in the near future, for which we are endeavouring to secure financial aid.
Since it’s commencement in 1980, the Centro Flamenco has been supported by the great conviction of it’s founders that the idea has huge potential; we believe it deserves support both offical as well as private. As a result, we made an opportune request for the support of Cordoba City Council. 
The sole contribution achieved to date has been from the City Council, that which only provides a fraction of what is needed to carry out our plans. The work already carried out has been successful in spite of the limited means at our disposal. We must highlight, and offer thanks for, the benevolent support of countless people who, because of support through a personal connection with Paco, or for the idea, or both, have collaborated with great enthusiasm. However, the relative financial aid achieved to date allows us to consolidate the project. We believe that Cordoba is being deprived of the international status it should hold in the world of flamenco, given it’s rich history and cultural heritage.
It is worth noting that following our initiative, a similar activity took place in another city of Andalucia, this time under the direct control of the City Council and with total municipal and private support. This emulation reaffirmed our conviction in the ideas behind our company. Other similar cases, which will undoubtedly arise, will serve to reinforce our idea.
We in no way regret that other cities are recreating the idea launched in Cordoba; however we believe that it befits to call to Cordoba to invest generously in our idea with a view to realizing it’s full potential.
Monday 11  Meeting
Tuesday  12 Visit Wine Cellar
Wednesday  13 Singing Concert - Pepe Lora
Thursday  14  Optional Visit - free
Friday  15 Singing Concert - El Chaparro
Saturday  16  Excursion to Festival Flamenco
Sunday  17  Free
Monday 18  Concert Grupo de la Pena de Huelva
Tuesday 19 Visit Peña Flamenca Córdoba
Wednesday  20  Free
Thursday 21 Dance Show
Friday  22  Visit Peña Rincón del Cante, Córdoba
Saturday  23 Concert End Course A: Iglesia Sta. Ma. de Trassierra 
Diploma Ceremony
Sunday 24 Free
Monday  25  Classical Guitar Concert - David Russell
Tuesday  26  Concert Quintet Pulso y Púa “Reginaldo Barberá”
Wednesday  27  Guitar Concert - Paco Peña
Thursday  28  Classical Guitar Concert and Orchestra
Friday  29  Classical Guitar Concert - John Williams
Saturday  30 End of Classical Course Concert - Students 
Diploma Ceremony
Sunday 31  Free
Monday Conjunto de Sevillanas
Tuesday  Flamenco Guitar Concert - Mario Escudero
Wednesday 3 Singing Concert - Manuel Soto “El Sordera”
Thursday  Flamenco Guitar Concert - Sabicas
Friday  End Festival Event – Dance Group
Saturday  Concert End Course B: - Diploma Ceremony
(New goal in our activities)
For years we have been refining the idea of an ambitious and very attractive project: to create an international music festival in Cordoba like those that exist in other cities of noted cultural importance. Cordoba possesses the necessary conditions to give life to such an event, given it’s historical cultural legacy. 
For such a project to be realized, it would need the combined contribution of not only local but also possibly regional and even national available resources. This idea, which for now we limit ourselves to outlining, requires a high level of organisation, and we hope for the opportunity to go further with it. As we mentioned earlier, all activities presented by the Centro would become part of this Festival. Our afore-mentioned1983 program, in addition to what has already been achieved, constitutes a basis on which – if developed successfully – the festival could be built.
To follow, for your reference, we have listed a number of festivals Paco Peña was invited to contribute to, and which have served as an inspiration for this idea.
Chester Festival - G.B.  .
A.M. Romana - Roma 
Camden Festival - Londres 
Perth Festival - Australia 
Creta - Grecia 
Adelaide Festival - Australia 
Salford Festival - G.B. 
Turun - Finlandia 
Berlin Festival — Alemania 
Israel Festival  F
Hong Kong Festival 
Aldeborough Festival — G.B.
Semana Primavera - Córdoba
Harrogate Festival - G.B.
Holland Festival
Auckland Festival - N.Z.
Wooburn Festival — G.B.
Istanbul Festival
Edinburgh Festival - G.B.
Lubijana - Yugoslavia
Festival de Guitare - Martinique
Bergen - Noruega


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