Like Judas sold you
We seek gold and silver
In just the same way
When a drop of your blood
Has so much more worth
A single drop of your blood
Has so much more worth.
Pintando a la Musa......Tarantos
Passing by
Between orange trees and flowers
Your body goes, passing by
With the brilliance of two suns
I am painting your eyes
But I don’t have the colours.
Plaza del Potro - Las feriales
Come with me, my young Cordobesa,
To the May Fair
I want you to adorn my saddle
Wear your best frills,
Combs and flowers,
Everyone must see that
You are the most beautiful.
Plaza del Potro - Guajiras
Leaving Habana
On the steam boat
My heart goes to my Cuban love
Left behind.
Armor Sagrado y Amor Profano...
Solea Final
I thought I was immortal
And now I have lost all
Fault of my vanity.
Pursuing an ideal
All that’s left me is a cold canvas
That does not tell the truth.

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