'[Peña’s]…virtuosic technique is dazzling'

The Stage


I have attended performances by Paco Pena for over 30 years… the unblinking focus on style and tone is as meticulous as ever. Splendid, riveting…

Western Australia



Pena plays a delicate rondeña on solo guitar, wrapping the melody in exquisite filigree that reveals his mastery of the instrument.

The Age, Australia



'Mr. Peña is a genuine virtuoso, capable of dazzling an audience with technical abilities beyond the frets of mortal man.'

The New York Times, Time Page



'Peña’s technical mastery of what can be an incredibly complex music showed just how expressive and graceful top-class flamenco can be.'

Queen Elizabeth Hall, Paul Waugh



'It has been 40 years since Paco Peña gave his Wigmore Hall debut as a soloist, so this performance was a little more special that usual. Of course, the Hall was filled to the brim and the concert was being recorded for Wigmore Hall’s recently-established record label. The quiet attentiveness of the audience was impressive, despite it being the season of coughs and colds; Paco Peña creates such an appealing atmosphere as he plays that one can understand the hush perfectly.'

Classical Guitar Magazine



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