Patria… Motherland… Spanish people attach deep meaning to the word, and many thousands of them died during the war of 1936-1939 as they upheld and defended the concept... more


Art in all its forms has the potential of reaching on occasion a point of alchemy between interpreter and audience able to transport them into a mysterious level of emotion... more


Looking at the lure of travel and the dream of finding a better life, Quimeras tells the story of a group of Africans coming to Spain in search of work - directed by Jude Kelly more

Flamenco sin Fronteras

Exploring the dance styles emerging through migration of Spanish performers to Latin America in the early 1900s, and their impact on flamenco today - directed - by Jude Kelly... more

A Compás!

"Flamenco rhythms are vital; the 'compás' is like a primal pulse, like the rhythm of the earth... and everyone must get to feel it!" more

Requiem for the Earth

Requiem for the Earth - Commissioned by the Salisbury International Festival 2004 more

Voces y Ecos

Voces y Ecos looks at present day flamenco as well as the state of the art in years past - directed by Jude Kelly more

Musa Gitana

Since the première of Musa Gitana on 4th February 1999, the reviews have been ecstatic, praising Paco for his originality. Paco has daringly brought innovation to the traditional flamenco show more

Flamenco in Concert

“Although the roots of flamenco are deeply embedded in the soil and the culture of Andalucia, in Southern Spain more

Misa Flamenca

Paco Peña’s original concept for a flamenco Mass sprang from the desire to unite the Catholic perception of the religious Mass to flamenco musical tradition more


'Mr. Peña is a genuine virtuoso, capable of dazzling an audience with technical abilities beyond the frets of mortal man.' New York Times... more